Message from the President

AMADA, taking the decisive first step towards its first century in business beyond its 70th anniversary

President Tsutomu Isobe

President Tsutomu Isobe

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your constant, warm support and guidance.
In September 2016, AMADA Group commemorated the 70th anniversary since its foundation. Building such a long history was only possible with support from all the stakeholders including the shareholders and investors, and I would like to take this opportunity to offer my deepest appreciation to them.

We are committed to carrying out our reforms and building a structure strong enough to compete globally.

AMADA Group accomplished a major change in April 2015 to become a holding company, splitting up its core business of sheet metal fabrication machines into three different companies each specializing in sales, development/manufacture and service respectively. The purpose of this was to define the roles, challenges and responsibilities of companies in each business, while simultaneously speeding up management judgment by slimming down the organization. Among them, AMADA ENGENEERING, with development/manufacture responsibilities, is conscious that “manufacturing costs are nearly set at the development stage.” Therefore, it is committed to achieving a competitive advantage that enables it to complete globally by carrying out development together with manufacturing in the aim of reducing costs.

We will accelerate our growth based on our business strategy and regional strategy in our medium-term management plan.

Our five-year medium-term management plan called “TASK 3·2·1” announced in 2016 outlines the business strategy and the regional strategy for growth, built on the infrastructure developed so far for manufacture and sales.

For the business strategy, in addition to growth areas including the laser business and automation business, we will focus on the after-sales business that provides a stable flow of revenue. The laser business is attracting demand as a production technology suitable for variable-mix/variable-volume production. And we will seek to increase our market share in it, utilizing the fiber laser oscillators we independently developed ahead of the industry. Moreover, we will be an active advocate for automation technologies, such as robotics, to overcome the challenges the on-site people involved in manufacturing (monozukuri) are facing, including a shortage of skilled laborers and a sharp rise in labor costs. For the after-sales business, we support the stable operation of machinery with preventive maintenance and remote diagnostics using IoT, at the same time as contributing to the improvement of operating ratio and processing technologies with the data we have accumulated, and aim for a proposal-based business model.

In our regional strategy, we will strengthen our business in North America where monozukuri is attracting attention again, and concentrate on expanding into emerging markets such as ASEAN countries. We will also aim to advance our sales promotions using our enhanced sales networks infrastructure, such as the newly opened technical center in Thailand.

We strive to become a company needed by our customers and the society as we move toward our centenary.

AMADA Group could build up 70 years of history only because of the support it received from many shareholders, as well as its focus on enhancing corporate value under its corporate philosophy of “Growing Together with Our Customers.” We will continue to strive for sustained growth and optimization of our corporate value by turning the three wheels of “promotion of growth strategy,” “Establishment of firm profit structure” and “Efficiency of capital” in a well-balanced manner.

AMADA Group, looking ahead to its centenary, will propel its growth strategy while actively investing capital, and continue making untiring efforts as a whole group working together. The aim is to keep providing products and solutions worthy of the trust of markets and customers. Please look forward to our future progress, and your continuous support and encouragement would be thoroughly appreciated by us all.