Since our founding in 1946, the AMADA Group has upheld the philosophy of “growing together with our customers”, which is the origin of our business. We think about our customers who aspire for monozukuri (product creation) and what it is that they need at the time and in the future. We suggest solutions and in order for them to select us and be happy, we have been quick to deliver their needs attuned to the development of our society while maintaining high quality, speed, energy conservation, and environmental measures.
We recognize that our monozukuri manufacturing activity contributes to the product creation of our customers around the world, leading to the development of regional communities and the international community. Through the style of manufacturing called metalworking, we feel that it is the responsibility of the AMADA Group to continually enrich the futures of people all over the world.

On the other hand, we can assume that the worsening environmental problems around the world in recent years will become serious management risks in the near future. Resource procurement risks due to the depletion of metal resources such as rare metals and the depletion of energy will likely raise prices and abnormal weather due to global warming will not only increase costs but could also very well compromise business continuity itself.

The great impact of such global environmental problems, as well as social issues including population decline, inequalities in society, and poverty and hunger, bring change to the needs and lifestyles of society as a whole, affecting the manner and direction of companies. It is easy to imagine that in effect, this will contribute to constraining the sustainable growth of these companies.
Under such circumstances, with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the international community has demonstrated goals that the world needs to address, in order to realize a sustainable society.
As members of the society, companies are expected to play an increasingly greater role, and at the same time, I believe that the responsibilities that they need to fulfill will also grow.

In 2010, we formulated the AMADA Group Environmental Declaration to proclaim our intention to strive to be a company that , through eco-conscious manufacturing, promotes linkage with customers, society, and the world.
As part of this, we formulated a set of long-term goals to be reached by 2020 entitled AMADA GREEN ACTION and established five key issues.
These activities have been progressing smoothly and we will accelerate our efforts to achieve our goals ahead of schedule. In parallel, we will promote initiatives based on the goals that the world needs to address, such as the Paris Agreement and the SDGs.

As the world’s environment and society rapidly change, the AMADA Group will continue to recognize our deep responsibilities and roles that we need to fulfill as a global corporation, in solving issues that society faces, including the global environment. By placing environmental conservation and social contribution as priority management issues, we aim to actively contribute to achieving international targets such as SDGs through eco-friendly manufacturing, a key strength of the AMADA Group.

March, 2018
Mitsuo Okamoto
Chairman and CEO