Planning, Development and Procurement

During the planning & development stages of Amada Eco Products, we set clear targets for the product's environmental-friendliness to produce products with the industry's top-class environmental performance, by assessing them at each phase of development.

Environmental assessment of products

No.1 Energy-saving during product use
No.2 Emvironmental impact of product use
No.3 Energy-saving during manufacturing
No.4 Hazardous chemical control
No.5 Resource-saving
No.6 Simplified separation/ sorting,/ recycling process
No.7 Streamlined transportation/ packaging
No.8 Providing information

The objective of environmental assessment is to avoid releasing products with a large environmental load, and to achieve this, the product's sustainability throughout its entire lifecycle is assessed using eight broad categories.
These environmental assessments are conducted during the Design Reviews performed at each development step, and the product development can move on to the next level only by passing the standard. Amada has been implementing this environmental assessment system since 1998.

Green Procurement

Green Procurement

Amada position "green procurement", procuring materials with low environmental load, as one of our important environment conservation activities.
Our products are not subject to the RoHS directives enforced since Jul. 2006, but we promote the non-use of RoHS regulated substances due to the fact that the regulated substances may come in contact with our customers' products that are made with Amada machines.

Amada Group Green Procurement Guidelines

Amada Group
Green Procurement Guidelines
Green Procurement business partners & procurement items surveys
"Form 1", "Form 2 (2) a"
Appendix (1)
List of Controlled Chemical Substances
Appendix (2)
Details of Controlled Chemical Substances
  • *RoHS directive: The European derived initiative in which the elimination of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment is the key objective