Caution against unfair solicitation by impersonating AMADA Group companies’ officers:

AMADA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. has recently noticed that its name and the names of its group companies and their officers have been used without permission in emails and so forth to solicit unfair deal or any possible contract by impersonating some of their officers.

The impersonating solicitations take the form as follows:

(1) solicit unauthorized deal or offer any possible contract without association;

(2) sound out or request a resolution of debt and so forth in a contrived manner; and

(3) distribute plural impersonating emails multiplexedly through some solicitors.

Please note that AMADA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and its group companies do not engage in such solicitation of deal, offer of contract or request of resolution of debt in any event. If you receive such suspicious e-mails and so forth, please identify the solicitors as originators substantially and caution against the contents thereof.

Thank you.

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